Aqua Plus


Snail mucus rich in natural collagen, elastin, allantoin, protein, vitamins, a natural antibacterial agent. Snail mucus provide micro-glycolic acid peel skin system so deliver a delicate skin, at same time contains nourishing ingredients hydrating and moisture the skin, skin repair, and then restore the skin be soft and smooth.

蜗牛黏液含丰富的天然胶原质, 弹力蛋白, 尿囊素, 蛋白质, 多种维生素, 天然的抗菌剂等。蜗牛黏液中的甘醇酸微剥肌肤,使肌肤细嫩饱满,同时,将所含之美肤滋养成分带入肌肤深层,修复肌肤,进而恢复肌肤的柔软, 光滑, 细致,达到保湿, 修复等功效。