Anti-Oxidant Therapy Oil


Strong anti-oxidant effect, cells regeneration, improves skin texture, unifies uneven skin tone, reduces spots, restores hydration and nourishes skin. At the same time, it firms and lifts face contour resulting in diminished appearance fine lines and wrinkles. Facial contours refined, skin appearance more resilient, lifted and sculpted.

提供高效抗氧化、 细胞再生、 改善肌肤质感、 平衡肤色、 淡化斑点、 补充水分及提升皮肤滋润度的供能。 除外, 同时间亦帮助紧实松垮肌肤, 使细纹皱纹逐渐消失。 用后肌肤细嫩饱满, 轮廓紧致结实富弹性。