Skin Barrier Restoration Kit


The Skin Barrier Series caters to the specific needs of individuals with sensitive and fragile skin. Our Restoration Kit features a meticulously curated selection, including the Re: Mist, Re: Serum, and Re: Cera formulations. This comprehensive kit is designed to fortify the skin’s immunity and restore its natural barrier function, promoting resilience and vitality.


Item Include:

  • RE: MIST I – 30ml: SOOTHES skin irritation and inflammation
  • RE: SERUM II – 15ml: REPAIRS damaged skin barrier
  • RE: CERA III – 15ml STRENGTHENS skin barrier


Please visit each item’s product page for the key ingredient lists.


Skin Type : All Skin Type — Specifically oily Sensitive skin


  • Spray RE: MIST I on face after cleansing
  • Apply RE: SERUM II
  • Apply RE: CERA III