Oxygen Hydro Mist


Refresh yourself with our highly oxygenated facial mist—a perfect companion for toning on the go. Ideal for soothing sunburned skin, alleviating after-shave irritation, relieving insect bites, heat rashes, itching, and minor skin irritation. This mist, enriched with natural extracts, helps soothe the skin and balance its pH level. With Aloe Vera to alleviate irritation, inflammation, and itchiness, plus Zinc to protect your skin from the blazing sun!

高含量有氧成分,能立即补充水分,加速愈合受损细胞。 适合随身携带也非常适合舒缓晒伤肌肤、减轻剃须后的刺激、缓解昆虫叮咬、热疹、瘙痒和轻微皮肤刺激。这款喷雾有助于舒缓肌肤并平衡其酸碱值。含有芦荟以缓解刺激、炎症和瘙痒,还有锌以保护您的肌肤免受到紫外线的侵害!

Size (含量): 50ml & 150ml

Key Ingredients:

  1. Oxygenated Aqua 含氧水
  2. Aloe Vera 芦荟
  3. Zinc 锌
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