Oxygen Hydro Mist


Restore hydration, purifying, cells healing, revitalize dull and congested condition by its oxygenating properties. Soothes sunburn skin, after shaved irritation, insect bites, heat rashes, itching and minor skin irritation. Fragrance-free and dye-free toner with natural extract that helps to soothes skin and balances skin PH, it anti-bacterial function manage to hydrate, heal and purify skin naturally.

含特制 ‘有氧’ 成分, 能立即帮助补充水分、 毛孔净化、 加速受损细胞愈合、 活化细胞使肌肤恢复光泽以及减低堵塞状况。 除外, 有效舒缓晒伤皮肤、 减低剃毛后造成的痕痒或不舒适状态和镇静热疹。不含香料及染补剂, 能快速舒缓过敏肌肤及平衡酸碱值。 其抗菌成分可让肌肤立即被注入水分, 使细胞自然而然进行净化和自我修复。