Repair Cream


This facial cream combined various Chinese medical herbs and botanical extracts that effectively minimize blemishes and impurities with Purifying Essence, featuring anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and calm irritated, oily and acne-prone skin. Other than reducing the appearance of blemishes, it also works to moisturize skin and tighten pores.


Size: 15ml


  • Calamine: Calamine, with zinc and ferric oxide, treats rashes and itchiness, ideal for sensitive, acne-prone skin for its cooling and soothing effects.
  • Coptis Chinensis Root Extract: This extract deeply moisturizes, calms, and nourishes skin, with antibacterial properties and a cooling effect suitable for various skin conditions.
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Eucalyptus oil boosts ceramide production for skin moisture and has anti-inflammatory properties, promoting healthier skin.
  • Rose Geranium Essential Oil: Rose geranium oil balances hormones, reduces stress, inflammation, and irritation, improving overall skin health. Particularly effective for acne, dermatitis, and other skin issues.
  • Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil: Lavender oil soothes and cleanses cuts, bruises, and skin irritations, offering versatile benefits for skincare and wound care routines.



  Skin Type : Oily and Acne Skin

Suitable for day and night use – gently smooth an appropriate amount onto face and massage with circular motion until it is fully absorbed. Use twice daily.


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