Pure Hyaluronic Acid


Instantly restore hydration and increases the ‘water-retaining’ ability of the skin. Provide a smooth, silky, soft and lift skin all day long.It provides outstanding hydration and lifting effect to the skin. For inner skin layer, it manages to regulate and balances the hydration and moisture level. For the outer skin layer, it helps to smoothen the skin texture and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

立即为肌肤注入充足水分, 同时提升细胞对水量的 ‘封锁及储存’功能。 用后皮肤能够时时都处于顺滑嫩细及柔软结实的佳状。玻尿酸成分拥有意想不到的超强补水及提升功能; 它不但能有效调节内层肌肤的水分及滋润水平, 在外层肌肤它亦能帮助抚平细纹和皱纹, 改善质感。