Gamma PGA Serum


Experience superior hydration with Natto’s Poly Glutamic Acid (y-PGA)! Feel the ‘absorption’ when applying Gamma PGA Serum on your skin. Research has shown that y-PGA has an outstanding ability to draw moisture, approximately 5,000 times its weight, from the air into the upper layer of your skin, forming a weightless film. Simultaneously, it helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines by keeping your skin consistently hydrated.

在肌肤上涂抹Gamma PGA Serum时,您会感受到其卓越的吸收能力。研究表明,y-PGA吸收水分的能力高达自身重量的5,000倍。这使得y-PGA能够将空气中的水分吸收到您肌肤的表层,形成一层薄膜。这不仅为您提供了保湿,还让您轻松感受到肌肤的柔软和水润,同时抚平细纹。

Size (含量): 30ml

Key Ingredients:

  1. Natto Gum 纳豆胶质
  2. y – PGA 谷氨酸 (Poly Glutamic Acid)