Gamma PGA Serum


Outstanding ‘water-absorption’ and ‘water-retaining’ ability of the skin up to approximately 5,000 times of its own weight. At the same time improves skin firmness and strengthen skin elasticity. It forms a weightless film on the skin surface as make the cells manage to ‘trapped’ the moisture and hydration instantly. The elasticity of the skin will be improved and it also smoothes out the depth of wrinkles and lines.

供给肌肤卓越的 ‘水分渗透力’ 及 ‘水分储存力’, 其提供的水分能量足于高达自身重量的5,000倍。 使用的当儿, 肌肤质感得以大大改善, 肤质亦变得紧致结实以及坚韧富弹性。会在皮肤外层组成薄膜, 这能激发内层细胞即刻 ‘抓紧及锁住’水分; 然而, 肌肤弹性亦会跟着改善, 细纹皱纹也会渐渐被抚平。