FGF Elixir Cream


Helps to re-store skin elasticity, increase cells renewal system and stimulate collagen re-production. Active ingredients that contain in the cream designed to focus and target to protect on the FGF-2, it also provides strong anti-ageing effect and helps to reduce lines and wrinkles rapidly. Daily use to gives skin tighter, firmer and younger appearance.

经过深层研究后所创下的独特配方,不但有效帮助肌肤恢复弹性, 还提供超强细胞更新以及刺激胶原蛋白的再生力。众多活性成分的配合帮助专注于保护FGF-2 (细胞生长因子) 及快速去除细纹皱纹, 相续使用会让肌肤紧致、 结实而青春有活力。