Alluring Cream


Enriched with the key ingredient of snail secretion filtrate to nourish skin and prevent skin from aging. Alluring Cream minimizes UV damage to the skin and stimulates collagen production, effectively reducing wrinkles and enhancing skin elasticity.

Alluring Cream 采用蜗牛粘液提取物,不仅在深层滋润肌肤的同时,有效促进修复,减缓紫外线对皮肤的伤害。其独特的配方还能激活胶原蛋白,对抗皮肤衰老。通过修复受损肌肤,提高肌肤健康和活力,让您的肌肤展现更年轻、更有光彩的状态。

Size (含量): 50ml


Key Ingredients:

  1. Snail Mucin 蜗牛分泌物
  2. Hydrolyzed Sclerotium (SCLEROTIUM ROLFSSII) Gel 水解白娟
  3. Tocopheryl Acetate esters 维他命 E 乙酸酯

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