Oily & Acne Series


A comprehensive solution for oily or acne-prone skin types, our complete set includes a Hydra Cleansing Gel that deeply purifies pores, and a Clarifying Lotion toner to balance oil production and reduce inflammation. Additionally, our Special Series creams combat acne while ensuring skin is soothed with our Excellent Repair Cream.

Products in Oily & Acne Skin Series Mini Trial Kit

  • Hydra Cleansing Gel (10ml)
  • Clarifying Lotion (10ml)
  • Excellent Repair Cream (10ml)
  • Special Repair Cream (5ml)
  • Special Multi Treatment Cream (5ml)

Please visit each item’s product page for the key ingredient lists.

Oily & Acne Skin

  • Cleanse with Hydra. Cleansing Gel
  • Apply Clarifying Lotion
  • Apply Excellent Repair or Special Repair Cream or Special Multi Treatment Cream

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