Hydramax Moisture Cream


Contain high unique moist factor including the concentration of all the actives that skin required. It moisturizes skin, improves the complexion and strengthens the elasticity of skin fibers.Prevent water loss, helps to increase skin ability to retain hydration and moisture, keeps skin soft, radiant, supple and silky smooth.

蕴含极多独特湿润配方, 所有精髓都是皮肤的营养所需。 用后肌肤清爽滋润, 色泽均衡通透, 而皮肤纤维也得以改善而变得更坚韧。除了能够帮助预防水分流失, 还能辅助细胞对水分及营养的储存功能, 用后肌肤柔软舒顺、 嫩滑富光泽。