our story

e’THEREAL was established in 2008 through a fortuitous series of events and the shared vision of two sisters, Jaclyn and Zoe. From a young age, Jaclyn was deeply passionate about beauty, particularly natural skincare. Her dedication led her to explore and understand the benefits of natural ingredients, eventually establishing her own beauty salon. During this journey, she realized the need for a brand that truly embodies the purity and effectiveness of natural products. Seizing the moment, Jaclyn approached Zoe with the idea of creating something extraordinary together. Their combined passion and commitment gave birth to e’THEREAL.

The name ” e’THEREAL ” perfectly captures our brand’s philosophy – a commitment to purity, elegance, and natural beauty. Our products are crafted with the utmost care, using only the finest natural ingredients. We pride ourselves on being free from additives and harmful chemicals. This commitment stems from our belief that natural is not just better but essential for true beauty and well-being.

At e’THEREAL, we believe that nature provides everything we need for optimal skincare. Our formulations harness the power of natural ingredients, offering products that are gentle, effective, and luxurious. We are dedicated to transparency and quality, ensuring that every product we offer meets the highest standards of purity and effectiveness.

Our journey is driven by a simple yet profound belief: the best skincare solutions are found in nature. We invite you to experience the e’THEREAL difference, where natural beauty meets uncompromising quality. Join us in celebrating the essence of purity and the transformative power of nature.


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